An Encouraging Experience in Mexico.

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church service
Celebrating 28 year Church anniversary in Altacomulco, Mexico
Enjoying fellowship with the Missionaries and their family
 Enjoying the hospitality of the Anderson family, and Allinson family
Michael with the two mechanics
Gospel tracts given to two mechanics which helped us with the car
Michael preaching at Altacomulco
Pastor Miguel and Family, former students
 former students, Pastor Miguel and Margarita and family
student now pastor Nuberto y Reyna and family
 Pastor Nuberto and family, former graduated student.
Missionary Allinson family and Missionary Karen
 Hosting Missionary Karen with Allison family
with missionary Mark Lockhart
 In Coacalco, with missionary Mark Lockhart
praying at the altar
praying at church in Puebla 
Michael with the Martinez family
 The Martinez family in Puebla
Pastor Pepe Aranday and family
 Pastor Jose “Pepe” Aranday with his family.
Sunset setting in Mexico

God is so good, and I praise Him for everything He did for me while I visited Mexico City area.  I am still amazed how God orchestrated my days and appointments with churches during my 18 days in Mexico.  First, I met with Missionary Jonathan Anderson, who took me to Coacalco, just outside of Mexico City to meet Missionary Mark Lockhart and see the area there.

Missionary Jonathan Allinson then took me to Atlacomulco, two hours away to attend the 28th church anniversary of a work of Brother Fred Kindhart, whom I had known when I worked in the Monterrey area (Allende). Missionary Kindhart had sent many of his students to study at the Betel Bible Institute, where I served. It was not only a joy but a great encouragement to see several of the graduated students attending the church anniversary with their family and congregations.  It had been 18 years since I had seen these pastors, and it was so encouraging to see them faithfully serving the Lord in their areas where God has planted them. What a joy to meet their families and hear about what the Lord is doing in their lives. Praise God!

The next week I took a bus and traveled to Puebla, Puebla to meet with missionary Timothy Aguiar. I was given the opportunity to preach at their youth meeting, go handing out tracts at the street markets. One of the highlights of this place was meeting the Martinez family, and inviting them to come to church on Easter Sunday. Eusebio Martinez is a man who is attending the Hispanic work back in Robbinsville,North Carolina.  When Eusebio heard I was going to Puebla, where he is from, he asked me to take them a package.  I went with missionary Timothy to deliver the package, and they welcomed us and were so willing to come to church the next day.  This was an answer to prayer seeing that they are strong Catholics. They came and heard the Gospel and the seed was planted and the door open for the missionary to continue visiting them. I was also able to buy them a Bible - Praise God!

I traveled from Puebla to Cuernavaca by bus and was met by national pastor Jose Aranday from Atizapan, Pastor Aranday drove me around the city and I got to meet his family and their pastor before returning to Mexico City area.  On our way back to Atizapan we had trouble with his radiator heating up, but soon road mechanics came by to help.  We had the opportunity to share a Gospel tract with them.  

Everywhere I went I saw the need, I felt the burden of lost souls and prayed to God for direction as where to go work before the night comes when no man can work.  Truly the Mexico City and it’s vicinity is a wide open field for the harvesting.  The whole time I was there I felt safe, and things seem like business as normal in the cities.  I know there is a spiritual war going on there as it is going on here in the United States. Time is running out.  We must be “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:16